Worth a Thousand Words

January 5, 2015



Baby Walsh gender reveal! Zach and I took a trip out to Santa Cruz, CA to visit his family for the holidays. While we were there, we had his little sister take our gender reveal pictures! After chasing around for balloons for an hour, we took pictures by Cowell’s Beach for about 20 minutes. Having the eyes of every passerby and stranger on us as we walked around downtown Santa Cruz with pink and genderrevealblue balloons felt a little ridiculous. I smiled and apologized to Zach. The entire thing was my idea, but I had no idea how much attention it would draw!

We raced back to the car in our embarrassment, and I fell in love with all of the pictures! She took almost 100, which quickly got edited down to about 20. These are three of my favorites, because nobody likes an information overload. I have so much love for this man and this little baby.

November 22, 2013

PapoThis is “Papo,” and he doesn’t leave his owner’s side. His owner is 91 (and a half) years old, and she makes me call her “Grandma” every time I come to talk to her. He doesn’t leave her side, and protects her as if she were the love of his life. She told me that sometimes she truly believes that the soul of her husband comes in and visits her through Papo, and call me crazy, but I believe her.


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