Lo Siento

What are we saying when we apologize? That our souls are so entwined with others so much so that at our fault we have hurt the soul of someone with which we shared some small piece of happiness.

To say “I’m Sorry” is to say that we feel in our hearts the guilt and the shame that comes with hurting someone we love, but it is a personal burden, for it is not synonymous with the pain that we have caused the other.

What a world it is that we live in when we avoid hurting another soul so much so that we build ourselves into someone we no longer recognize, only to fear the day that the mural of falsities comes crashing down. On that day, the fear that had manifested itself in the silent moments, the goodbyes, the time between . . . It is far worse and far more threatening than the haunting idea of truth.

The reconciliation does not come in the apology. Rather, peace comes in little moments of forgetfulness. You forget to remember how badly your actions hurt another person, a person with whom you once shared your soul entirely.

The growth of the soul and its manifestation throughout our lives is a challenge worth undertaking. You cannot be afraid to hurt someone else, but always choose to hurt with the truth rather than to destroy with a lie. Do not run from your problems. Face them, and face them knowing that you are sufficient and strong, and that your soul is pure and beautiful. One day, peace will come. You will find the closure you have needed in seeing the person you once loved and hurt live a life of happiness.

What a strange concept, to apologize, to announce to another that you feel pain for the same hurt that you have caused, to bare to another soul your naked ability to fail. How very human it is to deny our fault, and announce our failures, but how very magical and honorable it is to one day find peace in your fault, to grow, and to have faith that they are no longer living with the sadness that you had once caused.


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