The dichotomy of my life

On a typical Wednesday, I wake up around 7 in the morning, hop in the shower, and get ready for my day. I leave home, walk to school, and head into Anatomy.

Anatomy lecture is almost always exciting, and my professor is animated. She used to work as a surgeon, who gave up the exciting medical field to train the world’s future nurses and doctors. She knows the ins and outs of the field, and she has real world experience to share.

Early in the afternoon, I head into my Physiology lecture. He plays a lot of YouTube videos, and treats the course like the general education requirement that it is, but the information is still fascinating. He specializes in skeletal muscle, and even worked on projects aimed to help astronauts maintain muscle mass while in space.

After dinner, I have a night class. I take Constitutional Law Rights with a wonderful professor. He looks like he could be the same age as my grandpa. This man was born and raised in Boston, worked for the CIA, and now shares his knowledge with hundreds of students, in the hopes that they go out and change this world to become a better place. I’ve heard stories of his senility and dwindling mental capacities from other students and professors, but I don’t believe a word of it.

My day has been full of science: both natural and political.

Medicine and Law. They truly are different worlds. It can be exhausting, but it is always eye-opening.

I have but 15 school days and one semester left until I finish my undergraduate degree. I can tell you how the politics of the United States came to be, and name several landmark cases that have shaped our criminal justice systems. I can trace a drop of blood throughout the entire body. I can name all of the amendments. I can tell you about the cranial nerves, and each of their functions. Most importantly, I can tell you that I don’t regret any decision that I have made thus far. I may have decided a little too late in my undergraduate career what I truly want to do with my life. But maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was meant to be. And maybe, just maybe, I am the luckiest person on the planet for having been given so many obstacles and challenges throughout the past four years.


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